Why “Building a Better Nevada?” Because we have a choice going forward. This session we will celebrate Nevada’s sesquicentennial. 150 years of Nevada being a state. We’ve accomplished much in the past 150 years, but we have to decide what will we accomplish in the next 50, 100, and ultimately 150?

“Building a Better Nevada” is about having a discussion of proposals that Assembly & Senate Democratic Caucuses believe will move our state forward. We will put proposals on this website that should have bipartisan support and are common sense ideas to make sure that we are on the right path for generations to come.

Additionally, we want to hear from you. How would you help “Build a Better Nevada?” Let us know. The legislature is truly a citizen legislature, and our best ideas are generated by you. When we listen to parents across the state they know that classrooms are too crowded. Out of work friends and neighbors know that we need to have investment into our economy, and provide business a fast track to getting folks working in this state again.

We thank you in advance for taking an interest in your community and state at large. Please do come back to see proposals throughout session, and let us know how you would “Build a Better Nevada.”