All of our members, and constituents bring varied and important ideas to make our state better. Learn a bit more about members, and what the day-to-day is like in Carson City where our members work for you.

Spotlight: Assemblywoman Irene Bustamante Adams (District 42)

Assemblywoman Irene Bustamante Adams (District 42) discusses AB 260, a bill she co-sponsored. The bill opens the door for veterans moving to Nevada to earn an affordable degree in the Nevada system of higher education.

Irene Bustamante Adams
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20 Mar 2013

Spotlight: Assemblyman Andy Eisen (District 21)

Assemblyman Andy Eisen (District 21), tells us about his first time presenting before a committee, the process a bill will go through, and the two bills he put forward in Assembly Health and Human Services.

Andy Eisen
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14 Mar 2013

Spotlight: Senator Joyce Woodhouse (District 5)

Senator Joyce Woodhouse (District 5), a former teacher, talks about Democratic legislative priorities on education for the 2013 session of the legislature.

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04 Mar 2013

Spotlight: Assemblyman Elliot Anderson (District 15)

IMG_0533 2

As Chair of the Assembly Committee on Education it has been my focus in these last few weeks to work toward education reform and funding for our state. read more →

01 Mar 2013

Spotlight: Assemblywoman Marilyn Dondero Loop (District 5)

IMG_0518 2

It’s week four of the 77th Session of the Nevada Legislature and I have spent this week focused on one of my passions, and reasons, for becoming a legislator — education. read more →

28 Feb 2013

Spotlight: Senator Aaron D. Ford (District 11)

Senator Aaron D. Ford (District 11) talks about his bill to creative incentives for the film industry to bring productions to Nevada, which would create jobs and put Nevadans back to work.

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26 Feb 2013

Spotlight: Assemblyman Mike Sprinkle (District 30)

Assemblyman Mike Sprinkle (District 30) talks about his bill, AB 138, that would provide opportunities for businesses to make an investment in higher education, which will provide the workforce that businesses need.

Mike Sprinkle AD30
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21 Feb 2013

Spotlight: Assemblyman Skip Daly (District 31)

Assemblyman Skip Daly (District 31) talks about his bill, AB 139, which expedites routine permitting processes to get businesses up and running.

Skip Daly
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21 Feb 2013

Spotlight: Senator Justin Jones (District 9)

Senator Justin Jones (District 9) gives an update from Carson City after week 2 of the legislative session.

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16 Feb 2013

Spotlight: Assemblyman Jason Frierson (District 8)

IMG_0889 It is day 10 of the 77th Session of the Nevada Legislature and we have hit the ground running. read more →

14 Feb 2013