economic_developmentExtend Bidder Preference for State Contracts

  • Ensure that jobs funded by taxpayer dollars go to Nevada workers.

Enable Businesses to invest in Higher Education

  • Provides opportunities for businesses to make an investment in higher education, which will provide the workforce that businesses need.

Implement Economic Gardening

  • Provides new and expanding businesses the marketing data that they
    need and an online business resource center that they can utilize.

Utilize Empty State Land/Buildings

  • Lease out existing unused infrastructure for economic development
    allowing the new tenant to incur the cost of improvements.

Streamline Licensing Regulations

  • Expedite routine permitting processes to get business up and running.

Incentives for Film Industry

  • Brings jobs to Nevada by incentivizing the film industry to shoot more movies in Nevada.

Funding Infrastructure to Create Jobs

  • Making sure shovel-ready projects to improve our infrastructure in Nevada are funded.

Education1Phase in Pre-Kindergarten

  • Make sure pre-kindergarten is available to our most at-risk students in the state.

Full Day Kindergarten

  • Ensure that ALL children in our state are able to get the start they need with full day Kindergarten.

Class Size Reduction

  • Re-examine the class-size formula to ensure accountability and that
    students have the environment they need to achieve.

End Social Promotion

  • Make sure all children are able to read by the end of Grade three.

Change Funding Equity

  • Districts with higher levels of at-risk, ELL, special education, and gifted and talented students are funded at a higher level.